Young Innovators

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Name City Innovation Updates
Eric Littleton Louisville Launched WhyWait, a smartphone app for iPhone and Android that tells you all the active deals, happy hours, events and wait times of local restaurants Launched in Lexington on July 23, beta testing an updated version of the app in late August
Brenon Conn & Aaron Tribou Murray Founded Digicrits, which combines social networking with a web-based directory of qualified artists who wish to market their art to fellow artists and design consumers Coming soon
Stephanie Ward & Tamara Dickerson Highland Heights Founded Inxpression, a company that sells custom t-shirts out of a vending machine Working with a patent attorney to receive a non-provisional patent
Clarice Esch Somerset Researching alternative fertilizers to reduce the pollution associated with nitrogen-based products Currently studying in Ecuador. Will return to the Cloudbridge Nature Reserve to continue her work on Gunnera for at least 3 months during the spring semester.
Michael Crocker Bowling Green Working with microscopic silica gels to create a more effective, inexpensive and thorough way to treat industrial waste Currently researching a plant derivative called lignin for its possible applications as a new biofuel to help move away from fossil fuels and toward renewable resources. Also had an article published in the Journal of Chemical Education relating to his work with 3D Pourbaix diagrams on Mathematica.
Charles Coomer Louisville Characterizing viruses that infect bacterial cells so that they can be sorted into different clusters Charles is currently researching the efficacy of using bacteriophages as an alternative to antibiotics in the bioethanol industry to get rid of bacterial contaminants. He’s also applying for the Truman scholarship and planning to go back to the NCI this summer to continue studying HIV drug resistance and population genetics associated with the viral load in HIV infected individuals on combination antiretroviral therapy (cART).
Lukas Missik Danville Researching the probability of winning a round-based duel and examining the asymptotics of such duels Coming soon
Josiah Hanna Lexington Researching artificial intelligence planning under uncertainty Studying abroad in Paris over the summer
David Spencer Paducah Researching nanoparticles and hydragels and their application in drug delivery David participated in a NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates at the University of Kentucky entitled Bioactive Interfaces and Devices. He also had an article published in the Journal of Nanoparticle Research. He has continued research and plans on pursuing a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering with research focused on drug delivery applications.