Little Learners, Big Ideas: Growing Young Minds

Growing Young Minds

Like a tree, a young mind is constantly growing and changing. It needs challenge, reassurance, and modeling to reach its full potential. If we expect children to learn and innovate, we should also expect them to make mistakes. Working through failure is difficult, even as adults. However, if a person is really working to her full potential, she will make mistakes. It is a natural part of learning, but it is not always easy. Oftentimes children do not know how to react to failure and challenge. They will sometimes want to shut down which, in turn, stops learning. Children need an opportunity to be challenged in order to experience this type of learning. They also need adults to help them learn to persevere when things are difficult. This video gives quick and easy tips to help ensure that children are challenged and strategies to help children learn from their mistakes. After all, mistakes are just proof you are learning!

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A Thinker’s Toolbox

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An Environment for Exploring
An Environment for Exploring

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Little Learners and Literacy
Little Learners and Literacy



Learning on the Go
Learning on the Go

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Wonder and Curiousity
Wonder and Curiosity