Kentucky Innovation Network employee calls for ‘an ecosystem of entrepreneurship’

Courtesy of the Kentucky Innovation Network
Courtesy of the Kentucky Innovation Network

Johnathan Gay, who works for Kentucky Innovation Network office at Morehead State University, said this in an op-ed piece for the Lexington Herald-Leader: “Entrepreneurship offers the most potential to change our region. Our challenge is that this is still a foreign concept. In a region that’s been largely dependent on outside actors, a culture of entrepreneurship is missing.

Many still view the industrial park as our last best hope, and support for startups is often lacking in cynical Appalachian communities.

Slowly, groups like the Young Professionals of East Kentucky and the Kentucky Innovation Network, along with partners around the region, are laying out a vision of entrepreneurship. Yet it’s still not a vision that’s been completely embraced and lacks the resources and support to flourish.”

Read Johnathan’s full op-ed pice by clicking here.

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