Deadlines approaching for in-state programs


Morehead State University: Take advantage of the Space Science Program at Morehead State University, or one of the Engineering, Pre-Med, or other programs. DataseamScholars at MSU offers five full tuition scholarships. Apply Today.

Governor’s School for the Arts: This summer program challenges students to develop their talent in one of nine art forms. This is an intense, life changing experience. Apply Today.

Kentucky Space Sci-Fi Project: In this statewide competition students can take their science knowledge, add a little imagination, and create a science fiction movie, artwork or writing piece. By applying their knowledge through the lens of imagination, students can see alternate possibilities. Information coming January 11 for students in grades 5-12.

Governor’s School for Entrepreneurs: Teams of high school students develop and launch a business at this hand-on summer camp. Get help from experts to create your business vision. Apply Today.

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