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The Current State Of STEM In The United States

From Edudemic: “With all of this discussion and promotion of STEM in the United States and jobs in the associated fields, it can sometimes even feel like there’s a push to move students away from other fields, and from jobs that don’t require very specific STEM training. That said, its important to remember that there are a wide array of jobs that need to get done, and we’ll always need people to do them. Many of them are more STEM related than previously identified; Just because a particular job doesn’t require a graduate degree or a specialized type of degree beyond high school (for example: Engineers commonly need at least a Bachelor’s degree in engineering, if not a higher degree), doesn’t mean that it isn’t a STEM related job.

The handy infographic below from Fast Company takes a look at what they call the ‘hidden’ STEM economy. Using data from the Metropolitan Policy Program at Brookings, it takes a look at a number of jobs that are not commonly thought of as being STEM related, but actually are. The concept of both white collar and blue collar STEM jobs is relatively new.”

Click here to read the full article and check out the infographic below.

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