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Summer is [here] for many students, but educators, industry experts, and parents, still have education at the top of their minds. With some of the largest names in the industry aligning, Mediaplanet [has published] a STEM Education campaign within the Washington Post to inspire and educate readers on the importance of focusing attention on STEM education.  The report will be distributed to over one million readers within the Wednesday edition of the Washington Post with the support of 100k in 10, STEMconnector, Women@NASA, the National Science Teachers Association, leading doctors, and many other industry experts.

“Too many of our country’s children never get the science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM) learning they need to become the problem solvers of tomorrow,” Talia Milgrom-Elcott Program Officer, Urban Education ; Sr. Manager, STEM Teacher Initiatives Carnegie Corporation of New York, states in the publication’s foreword. Deborah S. Jin , NIST Physicist, JILA Fellow, Professor of Physics, CU, L’Oreal – UNESCO goes on to say, “Investing in STEM education will ensure that we will have a scientifically literate society in the future that is able to make intelligent choices about global societal challenges such as energy, climate change, and disease.” Mediaplanet is proud to support students, teachers, and industry leaders to pursue and advance the STEM education, and hopes that through this publication, readers will further follow the demanding careers, that we as a country so desperately need.

Through the publication, readers will learn more about topics like:

  • Women and Girls in STEM
  • Exercising creativity through robotics
  • Careers in IT
  • Adding the Arts to the STEM Equation
  • Increasing interest in STEM K-12
  • Workforce Demands for STEM Careers
  • Actuaries: Ranked Top Job in US

With support from Autodesk, Cisco, Florida Institute of Technology, iRobot, Johns Hopkins University, L’Oreal, Microsoft, Project Lead the Way, Raytheon, Rhode Island School of Design, Society of Actuaries, Technology Students Association, Texas Instruments, Whitebox Learning, and the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation, Mediaplanet published this educational and informational guide in an effort to inspire and educate readers to become the problem solvers of tomorrow.

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Mediaplanet Cover

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