The Magical, Musical STEM Connection

Argonne_lab_educationFrom US News: “Looked at from afar, science is magical. It’s transformed our planet and our civilization. It’s the foundation for much of the joy of modern childhood and is manifest in every detail of a kid’s life, from their candy to their smartphones. What child wouldn’t want to learn the secret spells that make candy tingle on her tongue, or lead to the creation of immersive games like Minecraft?

Even as adults, science and technology bring out the kid in us, filling us with a sense of wonder and awe. In a study of the most emailed articles in The New York Times, science articles were much more likely to make the list than any other type of article appearing on the homepage.

But we are failing as a society to inspire kids to learn science and math; only one in three students that graduates from high school is ready for college-level science. I believe this is because our STEM classes are just as boring today as they were when I was a child.”

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