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hAsu0slVMay 8 & 9, 2015

Join us for a free online conference. You have the best seat in the house (your own!) to learn with other educators. Explore the conference schedule below.

Day 1

Panel: What are the skills of the future? (9:00 AM CDT)

LeVar Burton: Inspiring learners with the power of storytelling (10:25 AM)

Lord Puttnam: Getting our priorities straight (10:35 AM)

Lisa Bodell: Making change happen: three tools for better creative problem solving (10:55 AM)

Michael Fullan, OC: Three ways to drive system-wide change (11:05 AM)

Q&A: Ask the keynote speakers (11:15 AM)

Laszlo Bock: Making work rule (11:30 AM)

Sir Michael Barber: How to run a government (11:40 AM)

Jennie Magiera: Power to the pupil (11:50 AM)

Brittany Wenger: Student curiosity can help save lives (11:55 AM)

Q&A: Ask the keynote speakers (12:05 PM)

Panel: Transforming learning with technology (12:20 PM)

Panel: Empowering students (1:20 PM)

Look ahead: Preview of Day 2 (2:25 PM)

Click here to see the schedule of Day 2 and register for the conference.

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