Code4Startup: App Idea + No Coding Experience = No Problem

Leo Trieu
Leo Trieu

The founder of Code4Startup, a must-go place for anyone who has an idea and wants to build their own startup app, has a message for people like him:

Hi, my name is Leo Trieu I’m 31 and father to a 1-year-old boy.

From 9am – 5pm, I work for a Tech company in Melbourne as a software developer. But when the sun goes down, I work as the solo Founder of from 9pm – 2am (sometimes later).

I designed and coded the Code4Startup platform with Ruby on Rails in 3 days only but it took me almost 2 and half months to create just 5 hours of video for my very first two educational courses ever, Zero and Ninja. WHY? Because I am not a native English speaker and I had to practice and repeat hundreds of times. But I kept trying and never gave up.

I bootstrapped this startup with a dream of educating MILLIONS people from around the world. Code4Startup is not just about learning how to code, it’s also about inspiring people to create something meaningful, something they are excited about.

So if I can start my journey, WHY CAN’T YOU??? – START BEFORE YOU’RE READY!!!

Click here to get started with Code4Startup.

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