Small entrepreneurial companies spell big success for Kentucky’s economic development

Brian CNXFrom Kentucky Living: When the Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development brought a group of Kentucky entrepreneurs together with journalists recently, the room seemed packed to bursting with ingenuity.

The talk was about sending miniature satellites into space (Teton Aerospace in Morehead)…an injectable substance that can serve as an internal brace for horses with injured tendons and ligaments (Equinext LLC of Lexington)…sheets made from moisture-wicking material that can keep even the sweatiest sleeper cool and dry (Wicked Sheets, Louisville).

This isn’t speculation—these are products they have brought or will soon be bringing to market. It’s just one sign of a new emphasis in the state’s economic development efforts.

Click here to read the full story, which includes a section about IFBG 2014 speaker Brian Mefford and his company, Connected Nation Exchange.

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