Episode 33: Alone Down There Update

Andrew SwansonAndrew Swanson was one of the speakers at the inaugural IdeaFestival Bowling Green. He and Chris “Booba” Young talked about a TV pilot they’d developed called Alone Down There using funds they’d raised on Kickstarter, a popular crowdfunding platform. Since that time, Andrew has been searching for the next direction for this project.

Enter the Banff World Media Festival, which for 35 years has brought top leaders from across the evolving media landscape to the heart of the Canadian Rockies for a totally unique experience. The Festival began as an intimate space where unparalleled access and cutting-edge insight could combine to forge relationships, launch new business and aid the ambitious members of a dynamic industry in reaching their goals.

During his time in Canada, Andrew had the chance to hear presentations from industry leaders and pitched his idea more than 15 times. In this episode of the Innovation Update, Andrew shares his experiences at Banff and makes an impassioned pitch to young people who have an idea they’re passionate about.

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