Episode 30: Brian Mefford, CNX Inc.

Brian Mefford Quote CardNever before have the tools necessary for starting and building companies based on new ideas been so readily available to the masses. Previous barriers such as legal constructs and technology platforms have been widely commoditized and are now largely simplified as small costs of doing start up business.

This presentation is intended to inspire the audience to move beyond ideation to creation from the perspective of an entrepreneur and business founder. With the help of many others throughout his career, Brian Mefford has created 40+ businesses that have run the full gamut from failure to success. In his presentation, Invent Yourself a Job, you will marvel along with him at the technological advances over the last 10 years that have made it possible for companies like Instagram to go from idea to acquisition in 18 months with 16 employees, 130 million customers and a value of $1 billion.

This episode of the Innovation Update features Brian’s presentation from the inaugural IdeaFestival Bowling Green: Invent Yourself a Job.

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