Concrete Canoe

Episode 22: Problem Solving at VAMPY

Concrete Canoe
Image courtesy of the Engineering Department at WKU

In the second of three podcasts devoted to¬†VAMPY courses sponsored by Innovate Kentucky, the focus shifts to problem solving in Problems You Have Never Solved Before. From the course description: “Have you ever had to build a boat out of concrete? Mail a potato chip? Find a way to clean polluted water? Drop an egg with only a few sheets of paper to safely catch it as it hits the ground? This class is designed to stretch your problem-solving and creative thinking skills. You will be required to solve unique, real-world related problems, and then communicate your processes and findings.”

In this episode of the Innovation Update, Josh talks with instructors Catherine Poteet and Amar Patel about the challenges students can expect in their class and how problem solving fits into the idea of innovation in Kentucky.

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