Episode 21: Sustainability at VAMPY

7740433076_98b9a3d4b7_bIn the first of three podcasts devoted to VAMPY courses sponsored by Innovate Kentucky, Sustainability takes the spotlight. From the course description: “Sustainability is much more complex than simply adding the buzzword ‘green’ in front of our lifestyle choices. As the population of our planet tops seven billion people, we must consider the social, economic, and environmental implications of our everyday decisions and the effects they have at personal, local, and global levels. Explore how the interplay between patterns of human consumption, natural resource management, economic systems, and cultural norms are shaping our world.”

In this episode of the Innovation Update, Josh talks with instructors David Baxter and Jennifer Sheffield about demystifying the idea of sustainability and how it fits into the idea of innovation, as well as what they hope students take away from the class.

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