Girl with SleepPhones

Episode 17: Wei-Shin Lai with SleepPhones

Girl with SleepPhones
Courtesy of SleepPhones

This answer from Dr. Wei-Shin Lai about landmarks moments in her career inspired this episode: “A few years after making the decision to enter private practice, I decided to finally do something about not sleeping well when I was ‘on call.’ I would only get maybe 2-4 calls about patients every 4th night when I was on call, but those calls would keep me up for much of the night. It was hard for me to get back to sleep after a 3 a.m. phone call. I wanted to try listening to meditative music, but earbuds didn’t fit my ears, and headphones were too bulky for me to sleep on my side. So I invented my own headphones for sleeping. Six years later, SleepPhones® are in Brookstone stores nationwide, on, and for sale at”

In this episode of the Innovation Update, Dr. Julia Roberts, executive director of The Center for Gifted Studies, interviews Wei-Shin about SleepPhones, what it takes to become an entrepreneur, and how she juggles her career as a physician and her business.

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