Episode 40: Entrepreneurship at WKU

Dr. Dawn Bolton and Dr. Whitney Peake
Dr. Dawn Bolton and Dr. Whitney Peake

If you’re a student who has entrepreneurial aspirations, WKU offers a vast array of resources to help you develop and grow your business: degree programs, pitch competitions, business plan development workshops, an entrepreneur speaker series, and much more! In this episode of the Innovation Update, Josh talks with Dr. Dawn Bolton and Dr. Whitney Peake of the WKU Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation about the many avenues to entrepreneurial success available to WKU students.


Episode 39: IF Aerospace

IF AerospaceIF Aerospace focuses on the fast-growing, but little known, aerospace industry in Kentucky, which brought in $5.6 billion in 2013 and is projected to grow at an astonishing pace. Kentucky ranks third in the nation in aerospace exports, behind only Washington and California, and has potential to climb higher in coming years thanks to the dedicated research in universities across the state and the tireless work of certified engineers and craftsmen.

On this episode of the Innovation Update, Johnathan Gay of the Kentucky Innovation Network office at Morehead State University talks with Josh about the inaugural IF Aerospace and where the space industry is headed in Kentucky.


Episode 38: Alltech Rebelation

rebelation-country-bannerHave you heard of Alltech Rebelation? Here’s the pitch:

Are you ready for a once-in-a-lifetime conference, merging science, agriculture, entrepreneurship, business and marketing? Be the revolutionary your business needs. Be a REBEL. Join us this May in Lexington, Kentucky, for the Alltech REBELation, where you will be inspired and re-energized in life and in business.

In this episode of the Innovation Update, Alltech’s Cody Hutchins talks with Josh about the conference’s new identity and why it’s a can’t-miss event for creative thinkers and those who celebrate big ideas.


Episode 37: Jeff Hook, Kentucky Innovation Network

Jeff HookJeff Hook is the Director of the WKU Center for Research and Development and the Director of Operations for the Bowling Green Office of the Kentucky Innovation Network. The network, which launched in 2001, works to create a network of business leaders and mentors that encourage relationships, grow companies new and existing, and create jobs. It has raised over $785 million in funding for companies, supported 6,500 Kentucky jobs, and worked with 1,300 companies.

In this episode of the Innovation Update, Jeff talks with Josh about his work to create new jobs in Kentucky, as well as Buck$ for Bright Ideas and IdeaFestival, two projects the Kentucky Innovation Network supports.


Episode 36: Lachlan Gilbert

Lachlan Gilbert (courtesy of Facebook)
Lachlan Gilbert (courtesy of Facebook)

Lachlan Gilbert is a freshman at WKU and attended the inaugural IdeaFestival Bowling Green on February 28, 2014. It was there he developed an idea that has now been funded through the Buck$ for Bright Ideas contest and is eligible to receive more prize money this year.

In this episode of the Innovation Update, Lachlan talks about the process of bringing an idea to life, where those “aha” moments come from, and how to shed the fear of failure in pursuit of your dreams.


Episode 35: Little Learners, Big Ideas

Allison Bemiss of Little Learners, Big Ideas

Little Learners, Big Ideas started as a project funded by the PNC Grow Up Great. The idea was to create six short videos meant to improve critical and creative thinking skills in young children. The videos were finished last summer, and since that time, Allison Bemiss has been hard at work sharing them at professional development sessions, presenting at conferences, and planning community outreach events that utilize strategies found in the videos.

In this episode of the Innovation Update, Allison discusses the growth of Little Learners, Big Ideas and what the future holds for this exciting project.


Episode 34: Bill Capodagli, Keynote

Bill CapodagliPixar is the benchmark of innovative success. With numerous Academy Awards under their belts, they keep breaking the mold on creativity and taking it to the next level. From Toy Story to Up, Pixar never settles for what they’ve done but continues to look forward to the future.

Bill takes you on a tour of the most innovative, creative organization in the world. You’ll learn how to look at the world through a child’s eyes (and why it’s important). You’ll learn how to believe in your team, how to jump in and try something different, how to create your own corporate playground, and more.

Among the key points you’ll learn: Dream Like a Child, Believe in Your Playmates, Dare to Jump in the Water and Make Waves, Do Unleash Your Childlike Potential, and Make a Dent in the Universe.

This episode of the Innovate Update features Bill’s keynote presentation from IFBG 2014 – Dreams and Dreamers: How to Innovate Like Walt Disney and the Pixarians.


Episode 33: Alone Down There Update

Andrew SwansonAndrew Swanson was one of the speakers at the inaugural IdeaFestival Bowling Green. He and Chris “Booba” Young talked about a TV pilot they’d developed called Alone Down There using funds they’d raised on Kickstarter, a popular crowdfunding platform. Since that time, Andrew has been searching for the next direction for this project.

Enter the Banff World Media Festival, which for 35 years has brought top leaders from across the evolving media landscape to the heart of the Canadian Rockies for a totally unique experience. The Festival began as an intimate space where unparalleled access and cutting-edge insight could combine to forge relationships, launch new business and aid the ambitious members of a dynamic industry in reaching their goals.

During his time in Canada, Andrew had the chance to hear presentations from industry leaders and pitched his idea more than 15 times. In this episode of the Innovation Update, Andrew shares his experiences at Banff and makes an impassioned pitch to young people who have an idea they’re passionate about.


Episode 32: Twyman Clements, Kentucky Space

Twyman Clements Quote CardIn less than 24 hours last November, the students and engineers of Kentucky Space LLC had three satellites launched to orbit on two different rockets from separate continents. These satellites were no larger than a tissue box but were the culmination of countless hours of engineering, design, frustration, and late nights. This work has paid off as all three are zipping around the earth at 5 miles per second 320 miles up and returning data to ground stations in the state.

The focus that comes with working on such a project results in many unintended consequences, making the team think out of the box to build a functional spacecraft in such a small volume in a short time. The funny thing about the drive towards space is it manifests itself in all kinds of capabilities that have, in turn, prepared two dozen students for a future, innovation-driven economy. The team is on the way towards building an emerging space industry in the state of Kentucky.

This episode of the Innovate Update features Twyman’s talk from IFBG: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Space.


Episode 31: Kim Huston, Small Town Sexy

Kim Huston Quote CardDespite what many believe, you can live large in a small town. The new realization is that technology has advanced to the point where you do not need an office tower in Big City USA to do a million dollar deal when you can do that deal from Main Street USA.

Have you ever had the thought of returning to your small town roots and doing great things like own your own business or become mayor? Kim Huston speaks from experience as author of Small Town Sexy and Director of Economic Development for Bardstown, KY (named one of the best small towns in America). She will fill your head with ideas that may lure you to small town America where you can be a big fish in a small pond.

In this episode of the Innovation Update, Kim delivers her talk from IFBG entitled “Small Town Sexy.”