Episode 39: IF Aerospace

IF AerospaceIF Aerospace focuses on the fast-growing, but little known, aerospace industry in Kentucky, which brought in $5.6 billion in 2013 and is projected to grow at an astonishing pace. Kentucky ranks third in the nation in aerospace exports, behind only Washington and California, and has potential to climb higher in coming years thanks to the dedicated research in universities across the state and the tireless work of certified engineers and craftsmen.

On this episode of the Innovation Update, Johnathan Gay of the Kentucky Innovation Network office at Morehead State University talks with Josh about the inaugural IF Aerospace and where the space industry is headed in Kentucky.


Episode 38: Alltech Rebelation

rebelation-country-bannerHave you heard of Alltech Rebelation? Here’s the pitch:

Are you ready for a once-in-a-lifetime conference, merging science, agriculture, entrepreneurship, business and marketing? Be the revolutionary your business needs. Be a REBEL. Join us this May in Lexington, Kentucky, for the Alltech REBELation, where you will be inspired and re-energized in life and in business.

In this episode of the Innovation Update, Alltech’s Cody Hutchins talks with Josh about the conference’s new identity and why it’s a can’t-miss event for creative thinkers and those who celebrate big ideas.


Episode 37: Jeff Hook, Kentucky Innovation Network

Jeff HookJeff Hook is the Director of the WKU Center for Research and Development and the Director of Operations for the Bowling Green Office of the Kentucky Innovation Network. The network, which launched in 2001, works to create a network of business leaders and mentors that encourage relationships, grow companies new and existing, and create jobs. It has raised over $785 million in funding for companies, supported 6,500 Kentucky jobs, and worked with 1,300 companies.

In this episode of the Innovation Update, Jeff talks with Josh about his work to create new jobs in Kentucky, as well as Buck$ for Bright Ideas and IdeaFestival, two projects the Kentucky Innovation Network supports.


Google’s Education on Air

hAsu0slVMay 8 & 9, 2015

Join us for a free online conference. You have the best seat in the house (your own!) to learn with other educators. Explore the conference schedule below.

Day 1

Panel: What are the skills of the future? (9:00 AM CDT)

LeVar Burton: Inspiring learners with the power of storytelling (10:25 AM)

Lord Puttnam: Getting our priorities straight (10:35 AM)

Lisa Bodell: Making change happen: three tools for better creative problem solving (10:55 AM)

Michael Fullan, OC: Three ways to drive system-wide change (11:05 AM)

Q&A: Ask the keynote speakers (11:15 AM)

Laszlo Bock: Making work rule (11:30 AM)

Sir Michael Barber: How to run a government (11:40 AM)

Jennie Magiera: Power to the pupil (11:50 AM)

Brittany Wenger: Student curiosity can help save lives (11:55 AM)

Q&A: Ask the keynote speakers (12:05 PM)

Panel: Transforming learning with technology (12:20 PM)

Panel: Empowering students (1:20 PM)

Look ahead: Preview of Day 2 (2:25 PM)

Click here to see the schedule of Day 2 and register for the conference.

Episode 36: Lachlan Gilbert

Lachlan Gilbert (courtesy of Facebook)
Lachlan Gilbert (courtesy of Facebook)

Lachlan Gilbert is a freshman at WKU and attended the inaugural IdeaFestival Bowling Green on February 28, 2014. It was there he developed an idea that has now been funded through the Buck$ for Bright Ideas contest and is eligible to receive more prize money this year.

In this episode of the Innovation Update, Lachlan talks about the process of bringing an idea to life, where those “aha” moments come from, and how to shed the fear of failure in pursuit of your dreams.


The Science of Star Wars

May-The-Fourth-Be-With-You-1To celebrate Star Wars Day (May the Fourth be with you), dive into the science behind this iconic franchise with questions like:

Could the Death Star really destroy a planet?

When the Death Star fires, six laser beams are generated around the circumference of a circular depression on the exterior of the space station. The six beams meet at the center of the circle and head down toward the planet as a single, huge beam. What would actually happen…

Would the Sarlacc really 1,000 years to digest its prey?

We can’t be sure how big the Sarlacc is, but it must be fairly large to have such a huge appetite. While burrowing seems limited to smaller animals on Earth, the Sarlacc somehow manages to…

Would jumping to light speed kill you?

It’s no problem for Han to accelerate the Falcon from zero to 60 miles per hour in five seconds. Inertia will push him slightly back in his seat. But accelerating from zero to 186,000 miles per second in five seconds will…