Loyola University President: STEM alone is not enough

Loyola University PresidentFrom the Huffington Post: The concerns of presidents past and present are about a changing economy and America’s role in that economy. Those concerns are absolutely important and valid. And, the development of STEM education is important so Americans will be able to take their place in a changing work force.

But there is something missing — something that so far is absent from the STEM education discussion. The fields of science and technology alone do not tell human beings how to use the knowledge or the technology. There is no formula for that.

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JCPS ‘School of Innovation’ Finalists Prepare for July Presentations

7149966049_9b7a43b2a9From WFPL News: Later this month, finalists present their proposals for an innovative community-designed Jefferson County Public school.

One of the designs is expected to become a new school in Louisville.

The submissions are part of the  JCPS School of Innovation Design Competition, and proposed plans range from using Louisville museums as a classroom to a year-around school.

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Program launches younger students into new way of learning science

Photo by Amy Wallot
Photo by Amy Wallot

From KyForward: CaMareius Caldwell used pipe cleaners to poke tiny holes through a thin layer of modeling clay. His creation, if it worked, would scatter seeds.

“If we used our fingers it would be too thick,” he said, and the flour, being used to simulate seeds being spread by an animal, would fall through in one big clump.

As CaMareius and his partner built their seed delivery system, other students in the second-grade classroom at Morningside Elementary in Elizabethtown huddled in pairs using bright feathers, pompoms, pipe cleaners, and clay to build their own models. None of the students noticed – or cared – that it was almost lunchtime.

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