Here’s An Idea: Make STEM Education Fun

Enzo Monfre
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From Forbes: “It wasn’t a plan. It just happened. Enzo, then age 7, decided to make a video about a praying mantis for a science project. He posted it on YouTube. The video went viral. Before he knew it, he’d been invited to appear on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

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The Fastest Path To Innovation: Pamper Your Mavericks

Innovation Road SignFast Company author Gerald Tellis says in his latest article that: “Companies consistently pass up or cast out those who create friction, cause insecurity among leaders, or make other employees uncomfortable. It’s their loss–since those mavericks are often their best shot at true innovation.”

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NASA Casts a Wide Net for STEM Education Partners

NASA facilityFrom Imperial Valley News: “NASA supports education inside and outside the formal classroom to inspire and motivate educators and learners of all ages in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). The agency is seeking unfunded partnerships with organizations to engage new or broader audiences across a national scale.”

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Girls Losing Ground In Pursuing STEM

A female scientist.A new story from CBS unveils the continuation of a troubling trend: girls are not pursuing an education in the STEM fields. From the story: ““Something’s gone wrong there that you have nearly as much educational value put on community and family studies as you do on maths,” said University of Sydney senior lecturer Dr. Rachel Wilson.

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STEM education inspiring girls nationwide

Zora Ball

Did you know that 7-year-old Zora Ball is the youngest person ever to create a mobile application video game? She did so before she had even finished first grade. That kind of ingenuity embodies what STEM education is all about – innovation, creativity and passion. MSNBC recently posted a story about the push for greater emphasis on STEM across America and how it’s having a positive impact on young women like Zora. Click here to read the story.