University of Missouri: EdLife, Summer 2012

Cover of the Summer 2012 EdLife MagazineThe latest edition of EdLife from the University of Missouri features an insightful article on how Troy Sadler’s video game is transforming the teaching of science.

As stated in the article, Mission Biotech “uses accurate labs, real viruses and plausible scenarios to make science come alive” for high school students.

Read this article – and the rest of the Summer 2012 edition of EdLife – by clicking here.

Episode 6: Aaron & Brenon, Co-Founders of Digicrits

Digicrits co-founders Aaron & Brenon.Brenon Conn and Aaron Tribou are two young innovators from Murray and the co-founders of Digicrits. As described on their Facebook page, Digicrits “combines social networking with a web-based directory of qualified creative individuals, who wish to market and display their creative products and services to a vast array of fellow artists and design consumers.”

In this episode of the Innovation Update, Josh talks with Aaron and Brenon about Digicrits and their experiences as young innovators. Check out once the site launches August 3.


Let’s Solve This: National Math and Science Initiative

It’s encouraging to see a huge corporation like ExxonMobil throw their support behind the National Math and Science Initiative. After all, it’s huge companies like ExxonMobil that depend on bright, young minds to maintain their relevancy in the marketplace. To find out more information about the National Math and Science Initiative, click here.