Has America really underinvested in science education?

Scientist holding up a beakerIn this article from CNN World, authors Alex Berezow and Hank Campbell offer insightful rebuttals to claims that America is not investing enough money into research and development and that American students are falling behind the rest of the world in science. The good news: things aren’t as bad as they seem. The bad news: the U.S. still has to improve.

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Science of the Summer Olympics: Engineering in Sports

Olympic Swimmer“Science of the Summer Olympics,” the fourth and latest installment in the “Science of Sports” franchise, explores the science, engineering and technology that are helping athletes maximize their performance at the 2012 London Games. What are the unique biomechanics that help make sprinter Usain Bolt the world’s fastest human? What does weightlifter Sarah Robles have in common with a high-tech robot?

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American Woman Who Shattered Space Ceiling

Sally RideSally Ride – the first American woman to fly in space – died on July 23 at the age of 61, leaving behind a legacy of inspiration. The day after Dr. Ride’s shuttled launched into space, Gloria Steinem, editor of Ms. magazine at the time, said, “Millions of little girls are going to sit by their television sets and see they can be astronauts, heroes, explorers and scientists.”

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